live for creating fun-Great Age Animation Technology Co.,Ltd

We have a mind-blowing design team who dare to think and create instead of following the same pattern. What we design for the clients is a memorable childhood not a amusement park.

There are 10000 square meters in the factory, where use the superior FRP technology to create the unique sand table / fishpond etc. All the theme parks are formulated in different styles according to the requires of the clients, which is using the resources in all direction.

A set of all-around amusement park programs which is from pre-filed research, planning layout, medium-term amusement equipment production, and the late period of opening operation will be tailored to our customers. Every details of this are made perfect by GAA.


We are not only building the kids’ park for the clients but also providing warmly professional service. According to the different requires from the market to tailored the different creative marketing program. It really impressed each kid and parent. We will combine GAA and provide product development and research sales and amusement building plan to set up one package service.

We know you very well. Don’t ask why. GAA can make you that lying to earn money.

                Come and join us.