Ruby Cube

1.Profession Present situations    

【Transformation and upgrading, Changing through the break】

The amusement park now homogeneity crisis and lack of innovation, and the business has no difference. So the amusement park is Low viscosity, revisit rate, and need change. Social quality requirements for children "art" of morality, intelligence and physique, make intellectual class children's park development getting better and better.

【Children Amusement needs is becoming a rigid demand. Expand obviously】

With the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, monotonous style amusement park will slowly lose attraction. Comprehensive experience, brand IP is distinct, novel form and recreation etc. Pay attention to the pattern of family entertainment center has developed rapidly. The combination of online and offline "O2O" and the "new retail" is sweeping formats.

2.Project business value
【The innovation is becoming a sword. RubyCube breakthrough the homogeneity】
①Take the lead in the introduction blocks park project, new materials and new park model, be a man of dauntless courage.
②Late equipment production, planning, operation, maintenance, a connected sequence service
③Innovation: Internet operation and new park, the new era, fan flow scale operation and conversion value