Ruby Cube

    RUBY乐园是大时代游乐开发的一个全新游乐产品。把传统的儿童游乐与新兴的积木卡通概念结合,打造成一个融合软体TPU、卡通积木、百万球池、亲子体验于一体的新型游乐项目。 RUBY乐园专为儿童设计,以培养孩子们的勇气、爱心、创造美好的梦想为宗旨,提供儿童一个最富教育性和娱乐性之休憩游乐天地,藉由互动式游具促进小朋友大小肌肉的发育、平衡感的训练、色彩的分辨能力、启发想象力、感觉统合发展,大人们也可以参与其中,与小朋友进行互动,培养孩子们动手、沟通能力的同时,促进了双方的感情。

【The global new Family interactive educational park in new Blocks IP】
1.Edutainment and parent-children interaction
    Specially designed for children, To cultivate the children's courage, love, create beautiful dreams for the purpose. The RubyCube Provide children a most educational and recreational recreation paradise. It promote kid size muscle growth, balance training, color resolution, inspire imagination, sensory integration development through the interactive game and Adults can also be involved in interaction with children. Cultivate the children’ communication ability and manipulative ability to deepen the kinship.  

2.The new material
【Safety and environment protection】
   The Blocks of RubyCube is made in EPP material, EPP is Polluting the environment, and VOC does not contain formaldehyde. The children will not hurt when they are playing or chasing No Smell and non-pollution
【Long service life】
   EPP Blocks have Seismic energy absorption performance and high heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance and thermal insulation. Durability is better than that of wooden furniture. And it is recyclable totally, can be used for a long time
【Portability and E-Maintenance】
   The light weight makes children move it easily, easy assembly. Can be washed and maintain simply.