Ruby Cube

Precise planning and rational distribution
Create new attraction, the form is novel, Mode innovation park, shape the new formats.

Relying on the GAA’s professional operation team , Creative thinking and excellent production art to provided you overall planning services in development direction, business operation, economic benefits
【Model innovation】
Creative amusement park, new environmental protection material.
Changing area anytime- innovative intensity passenger flow and high viscosity
1.operation innovation
Combine Internet and amusement park. Integration mall, community, live, official website, different industry alliance, and other functions, build park fans life circle, enhance brand reputation, precision marketing to reach fans since exposure, pull the customers quickly


Fan diversion

Offline experience Ruby Cube

Build brand reputation - establish brand reputation - user stickiness

Income feedback

Online APP interactive platform

Shopping social fun making ring level relationships



2.Experience innovation
The first to introduce building blocks style paradise, to create a domestic Lego style distinctive IP experience. Innovative feelings, internal and external linkage, build blocks in paradise, build activities quickly, enhance children's experience and sense of participation.
3.Material innovation
Its own factory development and production of EPP material building blocks, a new type of environmental protection, colorless, tasteless, high density, easy maintenance.

【Business service system】

1.The brand trademark
RubyCube Brand trademark use

2.Pattern overall copy
Amusement park modeled, Overall copy output at any time, fission branch fast

3.Marketing Planning
According to the scale of project planning, formulate business planning,Internet and marketing television advertising, outdoor promotional activities, theme activities, in-store marketing, marketing activities such as planning during the holidays.

4.Amusement equipment distribution
The whole playground equipment manufacturing, distribution to ensure that the park rapid fall to implement.

5.Management consulting
We provide the daily management consulting services such as scale of the project, staffing, organization structure, daily work processes, and responsibility standards

6. Equipment service upgrade
Equipment regular maintenance and adjust equipment development and upgrade according to changes in the market

【Upgrade service system】

1.Theme activities planning monthly
Prepare monthly event planning scheme, provide the actual ground materials, publicity, personnel to assist.

2.The visual system
According to the project planning scale, Provide project functions, safety instructions, posters, gifts and other complete VL image system design templates.

3.Brand derivatives development
Related derivatives such as clothing, dolls, toys, tableware, stationery and other peripheral products design and development in RubyCube

4.Performance diagnosis and optimization
Provide monthly performance diagnosis, formulate reasonable optimization scheme, perfect the every link of park operations.

5.One-to-one Operation guide
One-to-one VIP Guidance Services. operating questions quickly, improve the efficiency of land management.