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VR game consoles
Name:VR game consoles


The dragon star is a new concept for children's entertainment education devices. It use  the most imaginative and immersive VR (virtual reality) technology  with the advanced concept of education and entertainment,  to provide children a happy growth of virtual reality world and a fantasy trip beyond imagination.

1.Advanced Technology::using VR technology that represents the latest direction of the game, as well as the powerful host, the high-definition VR headset, which makes up The Dragon Star in the ultra-high stability.

2.Simplicity of operationyou can choose games you want in may games, at the same time ,considering the particularity of children, the game operation is simple and children can quickly to fit into the game world. Unusual scene immersive, different life experience. 

3.Rich content : Childrens” games are abundant include more interactive games such as shooting, basketball and other sports games, and also includes many puzzle games for children”s hand/eye coordination.


VR game consoles,儿童游乐设备 VR game consoles,儿童游乐设备