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sports fishpond
Name:sports fishpond


Product name:sports fishpond


Specifications: Custom from according to product requirements
Accessories: Sand mold
Price advantage: Direct deal, reduce intermediate links and save procurement costs, a large quantity of excellent price.

Description:Follow the design of the Gold Coast beach concept, so that the fun as if placed in the middle of the beach, the fish pond four angle inlay this big conch, in the middle stand a lovely frog prince, more interesting than the generation. The fish pond is equipped with a water outlet to keep the water flowing in the fishpond.


Product features:
1. High quality FRP products, base material was using stability strong 196 resin and Platinum glass fiber cloth or Alkali free fiber felt composite. The grinding is used by the automobile atomic ash, the surface is treated with the automobile special paint. Four layer spraying (twice white base and twice surface), coating by a car varnish to finished, bright surface and spotless.
2. Pure handmade, hard-wearing quality and durable. The use of the process is not easy deformation, depression and cracking. High strength, non fading, beautiful and lovely shape. 

sports fishpond,儿童游乐设备

sports fishpond,儿童游乐设备